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Tribes: Ascend GOTY Patch 02/15/2013

Hi-Rez has announced that they are releasing the Game of the Year Edition Patch on 02/15/2013. Tribes Patch Notes – Game of the Year Edition Major Highlights All weapons, classes, perks and loadouts can now be purchased for a single price. The “Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year” package can be purchased in-game, on Steam, or through the Tribes: Ascend …

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Tribes: Ascend Update 6 – Stonehenge

The sixth update for Tribes: Ascend should be rolling out soon if it’s not already up. We’re getting a new Team Deathmatch map called Miasma as well as a fan favorite map for CTF – Stonehenge. On top of the map additions come a decent amount of balancing for various things but the Shrike balancing stands out the most to …

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