Tribes: Ascend GOTY Patch 02/15/2013

Hi-Rez has announced that they are releasing the Game of the Year Edition Patch on 02/15/2013.

Tribes Patch Notes – Game of the Year Edition

Major Highlights

  • All weapons, classes, perks and loadouts can now be purchased for a single price. The “Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year” package can be purchased in-game, on Steam, or through the Tribes: Ascend Web Store, and will immediately unlock all gameplay impacting items, which includes over 100 weapons, all 9 classes and all 21 perks. As a special bonus, players that are current Tribes: Ascend VIP’s can purchase the Game of the Year package for 50% off by visiting the Tribes: Ascend Web Store and logging in with their VIP account credentials. (Note that VIP status will no longer be awarded to future players of the game, although current VIPs will remain VIPs and will keep the VIP XP and other bonuses).
  • Three new CTF and Blitz maps available!
    • CTF Bella Omega
    • CTF Blueshift
    • CTF Canyon Crusade Revival
  • Three new Arena maps available!
    • Arena Fraytown
    • Arena Undercroft
    • Arena Whiteout
  • Four Rabbit maps have been added to the queue:
    • Inferno
    • Nightabatic
    • Outskirts
    • Sulfer Cove
  • New weapon available on all classes: Shocklance
  • New Skins available:
    • Juggernaut’s Forlorn skin.
    • Doombringer’s Executioner skin.

  • Base Turrets and Radar Stations are now shielded. Shields will absorb damage and regenerate very quickly. Shields are powered by the generator, and will drop when the generator is down.
  • Grenades now have a glow around them to help with their visibility.

Other Weapon/Balance Items

  • All weapons have been rebalanced against shielded base assets. Some weapons, such as Mortar Launchers, Arx Busters, and Grenades are very effective vs shielded assets, and deal enough damage to blast directly through the shields. Weapons such as Spinfusors do not deal enough damage to push through shields before they recharge, and as such require multiple players shooting at the same time to cause damage.
  • Base Turrets and Radar stations no longer gain more health when upgraded by players. Turrets gain a faster rate of fire, and Radar stations increase their range. (Both still provide score bonus to players who upgrade them).
  • Raider’s White Out grenade has been changed, and no longer causes blindness. It now disables HUD icons on players, and disables Turrets for 5s to 6.25s depending on upgrade. If the turret is shielded, is also drops its shield making it more vulnerable.
  • Raider’s White Out has been renamed to Black Out.
  • Mortars now explode on contact with shielded base assets (base turrets and base radar). This change affects the Juggernaut’s Mortar Launcher and the Juggernaut’s LR1 Mortar Launcher.
  • With the Mechanic perk equipped, Repair tools will damage enemy base turrets and sensors “through” their shielding.
  • Mines now have a soft “edge glow” around them, to make them more visible.
  • Sentinel’s BXT rifles have been made more effective when not in scope, damage raised to 125. (Scope still charges for higher damage).

Additional Items

  • Fixed an issue where shotguns could get into a state where they only fired one bullet.
  • Fixed issues where damage from explosions weren’t reliable when the explosion occurred beneath the target on a steep slope or vertical asset. See the dev blog post for more information: viewtopic.php?f=345&t=96745
  • Addressed an issue where certain grenades, such as Nitrons, were exploding unreliably when thrown near the feet of your own player.
  • Fixed an issue where the SkiFallVelocityTransfer physics preset was being controlled by JetForwardAccelPercent.
  • Fixed an issue with the Infiltrator’s Jackal where if friendly fire was enabled, the projectiles would detonate without damaging targets fully.
    Removed an incorrect welcome message from the chat console.
  • Base Sensors stop spinning when blown up and resume spinning when they are functionally repaired.
  • Added the following player physics properties:
    • ImpulseMassLight (Was simply ImpulseMass before)
    • ImpulseMassMedium
    • ImpulseMassHeavy
    • JetpackEnergyCost
    • FlagThrowSpeed
    • FlagInheritSpeed
    • FlagBounceDamping
    • FlagFallingMomentumDamping
    • FlagDamageMass
    • FlagFriction
    • FlagNumBouncesBeforeSlide
    • RockBounceFullSpeedThreshold
    • RockBounceGraceAngle
    • RockBounceFalloffAngle
  • Added a shorthand command for setting player physics. /SetPhysicsProperty also works as /SPP.
  • Added log verification when a physics property successfully changes.
  • Added a batch entry solution for setting physics properties:
  • /SetBatchPhysicsProperty <PropertyName1>=<Value1>,<PropertyName2>=<Value2>, etc. will parse bulk property changes for easy preset testing.
  • /PrintPhysicsReport now places a batch command for the current state of all physics properties to the end of the clipboard copy so that players can easily re-enter a saved text profile.
  • Fixed an issue where passenger meshes were being distance-culled after leaving a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where game would crash when switching between server browser tabs
  • Fixed an issue where game would crash when filtering game modes..
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when logging in after being kicked for being idle.
  • Fixed an issue where announcer messages would cut off.


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