Midair now Free to Play

Midair is now free to play! You can download it now from steam using this link or by searching for Midair in your steam client on the store tab. The free to play option has a progression system, or you can choose to bypass the progression system and buy the Manaborne Game Pass which is currently on sale for $19.99, the normal price is 24.99. Those that backed it during the kickstarter, or have bought the game during the alpha, beta, and early access periods already own the game pass and will be able to bypass the progression system entirely.

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Midair Night?

Jetoh has made a post on the forums suggesting that we schedule a night, more than one if enough are interested where we would get to together and play Midair. If interested please post in the forum thread.


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Midair enters Early Access!

Midair has entered Early Access on Steam and is available for purchase for $29.99. http://store.steampowered.com/app/439370/Midair/

If you backed on Kickstarter at the closed beta level you should already have received a key by email to redeem on steam.

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Teamspeak Server Host Change

The change to the new RD teamspeak server is now in effect, the dynamic address has been updated, however, you will need to add :4160 to it, so the new dynamic address is ts3.rebeldawgs.com:4160

Keep in mind with DNS records they can take time to go into effect, also DNS caching can cause issues as well, if you are unable to connect using the dynamic address please use the following alternate ways to connect.

Server Provider Dynamic Address: rebeldawgs.typefrag.com

Direct IP:

Permissions will need to be reassigned as I am unable to add your unique IDs to the groups until you have connected to the new server atleast one time. Please start using the new Teamspeak effective immediately as the old TS goes down for good this coming friday.

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Midair Kickstarter Successful!


Midair has successfully raised $128,416 USD with 1,354 backers!

The video below shows off some pre-alpha gameplay, the music in this video contains some cursing, I would recommend muting it if you don’t have a headset or have kids in the room, or are at work.

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