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Midair now Free to Play

Midair is now free to play! You can download it now from steam using this link or by searching for Midair in your steam client on the store tab. The free to play option has a progression system, or you can choose to bypass the progression system and buy the Manaborne Game Pass which is currently on sale for $19.99, …

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Tribes: Ascend GOTY Patch 02/15/2013

Hi-Rez has announced that they are releasing the Game of the Year Edition Patch on 02/15/2013. Tribes Patch Notes – Game of the Year Edition Major Highlights All weapons, classes, perks and loadouts can now be purchased for a single price. The “Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year” package can be purchased in-game, on Steam, or through the Tribes: Ascend …

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Tribes: Ascend Update 6 – Stonehenge

The sixth update for Tribes: Ascend should be rolling out soon if it’s not already up. We’re getting a new Team Deathmatch map called Miasma as well as a fan favorite map for CTF – Stonehenge. On top of the map additions come a decent amount of balancing for various things but the Shrike balancing stands out the most to …

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Practice Changes and Forum Activity

We’ve made quite a lot of progress going over each individual CTF map, only two remain with Sunstar on Wednesday June 20th and Temple Ruins on the following Sunday. This means that after Sunday’s practice we will likely have a new structure during at least one practice a week. Striker was kind enough to clue us in on some of this …

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