Midair Teaser

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Forums have been updated.

Hello everyone,

When you visit the forums you may notice that the theme is not the same. The reason being is that a new revision of the phpbb forum software has been released that is more secure, powerful, and far easier to add extensions. With this update most styles are not compatible and unfortunately ours did not make the cut. I will work to select a new theme to make modifications to. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. It took some time to get the forums updated to the new version as over the years we have made tons of modifications to the code of the forums, and styles and I had to undo all the changes we have made over the years. It will be far easier to get the forums back to the way they were but all content/forum posts are unchanged.

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Project Z Animations & Concept Art

Archetype has posted new animation videos and concept art as part of their #Hypening media dumps. They have also updated their website with more details.

Inventory Station:

Base Sensor:


Generator Concept Art:

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Archetype Studios’ new project

Archetype Studios was formed by the core members of the community-led development team for Legions: Overdrive. They have announced that they are working on a new entry to the FPS-Z genre which currently has a working title of “Project Z”. You can sign up for their newsletter on their Official Site, and also like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

Not much information is known about the game however a live demo was presented to a select few in Seattle, WA. One of the attendees made a post on reddit about their thoughts after playing the Pre-alpha build.

Deployable Sensor Concept:


Light Female Armor Concept:


Light Male Armor Concept:


Deployable Sensor Animation Video:

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No new Ascend patches in the making

Thanks to Reddit we’ve had something confirmed that everyone already knew; there are no new Ascend patches being made and the maps that Kate has made are probably not going to see the light of day. HiRez is focusing all of their efforts on SMITE and Global Agenda 2. Ascend faithfuls, it’s all downhill from here. Along with a lack of content updates one can assume that the built-in anti-cheat system will also not be getting updated so it’s only a matter of time until hacking proliferates most pubs. Check out the post by HiRez Todd yourself if you like right here.

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