Team Standards

Rebel Dawgs is a team, made up of exceptional players. We play Tribes 2, Tribes: Vengeance and Tribes: Ascend. Here are some of the things we aspire to.


All members will conduct themselves respectfully and will show that same respect and courtesy to their fellow members as well as fellow gamers outside of RD.


Honesty, fairness, honor, will always be practiced in RD. Dishonesty, cheating, and other such behavior will not be tolerated within the tribe.


Members are not discriminated against in regards to age, however, all members are expected to have a certain maturity level that will govern themselves in not allowing petty disputes, differences, arguments, etc…. to create problems within or outside of RD.


Personal, as well as clan honor is a must. As a member of RD, you represent the entire tribe, not just yourself as an individual. Members must maintain our standards and values and should never be involved in or commit acts that would reflect our squad or themselves in a negative manner.


A clean vocabulary is expected. Name calling or obscene language is not a form of representation that RD wishes to portray.

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