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No new Ascend patches in the making

Thanks to Reddit we’ve had something confirmed that everyone already knew; there are no new Ascend patches being made and the maps that Kate has made are probably not going to see the light of day. HiRez is focusing all of their efforts on SMITE and Global Agenda 2. Ascend faithfuls, it’s all downhill from here. Along with a lack …

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Tribes: Ascend 3/12/2013 Patch

An update to Tribes Ascend is expected to be released on Tuesday, March 12. Expect some server downtime while the patch is deployed. Major Highlights New Synthrall skin for the Soldier class. Two new voice packs: TotalBiscuit Stowaway Settings for custom servers are persisted across logins.

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Potential Update 7 News

We’ve finally got some news on the upcoming patch. Although these are not official notes, it’s likely that we’ll see the majority of this next week sometime. Some highlights include clan tag support, party support, voice pack additions (including two female options), a new mode called CTF Blitz which will have players moving around more as the flag stands change …

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Tribes: Ascend Update 6 – Stonehenge

The sixth update for Tribes: Ascend should be rolling out soon if it’s not already up. We’re getting a new Team Deathmatch map called Miasma as well as a fan favorite map for CTF – Stonehenge. On top of the map additions come a decent amount of balancing for various things but the Shrike balancing stands out the most to …

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No Official Practice July 4th

Lady was kind enough to inform us on the forum that practice has been cancelled for¬†Wednesday¬† July 4th. If you have plans to celebrate, great! Enjoy yourself and drive safely. There may be a few of us around during the day however and if you have no plans then jump on team speak and perhaps we’ll be able to get …

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