Practice Changes and Forum Activity

We’ve made quite a lot of progress going over each individual CTF map, only two remain with Sunstar on Wednesday June 20th and Temple Ruins on the following Sunday. This means that after Sunday’s practice we will likely have a new structure during at least one practice a week. Striker was kind enough to clue us in on some of this new structure in the forum. However, it will be up to you guys to decide what we end up doing! The only way the captains can know what you want is for you to tell them. Head on over to the Forum and let your opinion be heard!

Speaking of Forum activity we really need to be more active as a whole group. We have some people who post here and there when necessary, and others who are complete strangers. We cannot rely upon TeamSpeak and in-game chatting to convey critical information all the time. Use the Forum for anything. If you have a concern, if you want to praise someone or highlight something someone is doing, even if you just want to tell Beggin how bizarre his haircut is; get on the Forum!

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