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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 2:52 pm 
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The server rules are listed here and are meant to maximize fun, competition, and evenly matched rounds for both teams on every map! These rules cycle through the HUD where one is displayed every 120 seconds.

- Maturity and good behavior expected. Please treat all players with respect.
- Cursing (including abbreviations) and TKing are not tolerated.
- Absolutely no camping in or vehicle stealing from non-cap bases.
- Camping and/or spawn killing at non-cap bases is prohibited (semi-redundant to the previous rule for emphasis).
- Excessive spawn killing at cap-able flags and silos is discouraged, and may lead to a kick.
- Excessive bunny hopping or rdx ramming may lead to a kick.
- Asset destruction at non-caps at your own risk -> no killing or vehicle stealing!

Violation of these rules will lead to a kick or ban. No warning is required, as the messages in the chat HUD serve this purpose. Please create a post if you have been kicked or banned and feel the need to make a case.

The goal of the server is to balance realism with even and fair game play, while promoting teamwork with the common objective of winning the map. No one likes a server where they are killed within seconds every time they spawn - players drop from these servers like flies in the zapper! Other game tactics should be in the spirit of this goal statement. Any players found stat padding or otherwise playing for "individual point whoring" will be excused from the server.

Lastly, any player witnessing an <RD> member violating these rules is encouraged to send a screen shot or chat transcript to me (Beggin-Strips) or Moose via PM and it will be addressed on an individual basis - anonimity will be ensured.

Server Name: <RD> Gigsworld
Server IP:
Server Provider: Art of War Central
Server Location: Chicago

Team Damage and Kills
APM & MM Team Damage: Disabled
Friendly Fire: Enabled, set to 100%
TK Punish: Disabled

Team Switching & Balancing
Switch Teams at End of Round: Enabled
Team Randomization at End of Round: Disabled
Auto-balance: Disabled
Smart-balance: Enabled, threshold set to 2, priority to <RD> tags
Minimum Player Count to Start a Match: 8

Auto Kick Management
Language Filter: Warn once, auto-kick on second violation
Negative point kick: Enabled, threshold set to -10
Idle kick: Enabled, set to 5 minutes only if server is 80% (or more) full
Ping kick: Enabled, threshold set to 350

Current Map Rotation (using only 32 player maps):
Northern Strike Expansion: Disabled
Cerbere Landing Conquest
Verdun Titan
Camp Gibraltar Conquest
Minsk Titan
Shuhia Taiba Titan
Fall of Berlin Conquest
Sidi Power Plant Titan
Belgrade Conquest
Suez Canal Titan
Tunis Harbor Conquest

Hopping all the way across the road or continuously while engaging an enemy = KICK. One hop over a wall or to avoid a rocket is fine.

RDX ramming via FAV (or other vehicle) constantly through an entire map = KICK. Once or twice to take out an enemy tank or walker that is owning you is fine. Just do not spend the entire map doing this.

Why? These two tactics are cheap and unnecessary when you work together as a SQUAD and TEAM! The point of the game is teamwork to win the map (see the server goal statement above) and game play should reflect this effort. Single player tactics for point and badge whoring are not welcome.

View Tribes Ascend stats for BegginStrips.

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