Tribes Ascend Public Server

Hello All,

The Tribes Ascend Public Test Server is up and the client is now available for download. You can read the patch notes here. If you can please hop on, play some and be sure to give the new team feedback so that they can improve the game, you can submit feedback by following this link.

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HiRez to Continue Support for Tribes Ascend

In an unexpected announcement HiRez took to twitter to announce renewed support for Tribes Ascend. The next patch will add a new map and some other changes. They are looking to release it to their Public Test Server in about two weeks.


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Midair Teaser

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Forums have been updated.

Hello everyone,

When you visit the forums you may notice that the theme is not the same. The reason being is that a new revision of the phpbb forum software has been released that is more secure, powerful, and far easier to add extensions. With this update most styles are not compatible and unfortunately ours did not make the cut. I will work to select a new theme to make modifications to. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. It took some time to get the forums updated to the new version as over the years we have made tons of modifications to the code of the forums, and styles and I had to undo all the changes we have made over the years. It will be far easier to get the forums back to the way they were but all content/forum posts are unchanged.

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Project Z Animations & Concept Art

Archetype has posted new animation videos and concept art as part of their #Hypening media dumps. They have also updated their website with more details.

Inventory Station:

Base Sensor:


Generator Concept Art:

Comments? Discuss this on our forum.

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